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That’s not a classic package for corporate services. This section is created to show that our detailed approach will suit your business case.

Solution for trading business

Development of offers for trading businesses includes a large number of details — from the selection of jurisdiction till tax consulting. But, when the whole process is clear and thought out, it is much easier in a working process.

As a one of the leaders of the financial area, UK offers so many ways to create a legal entity. Limited company, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership. At least one can suit your business needs. In addition, the attractive fact is that Government offers many possibilities for financial institutions, what means that it is possible to find payment solution.

As far as we will review your business profile, we will contact our partner banks, to be sure that everything is suitable for both sides.

Tax structuring is an important detail in business planning. In case of international business trading there are many instruments to create suitable for your case legal entity.

Preparation of the annual report, tax return, accounting records management and assistance in dealing with tax authorities and other government agencies — we can take care of all these steps.

Solution for gambling business

Gambling implies a field of activity related to lotteries, casinos and games of chance. It is important to understand that this sector is subject to specific and stringent legal requirements.

Depending on gambling type, activity might request licence. Jurisdictions such as Curacao or Malta offer this opportunity on favorable terms.

Mostly banks define gambling as high risk, but we know banks and payment providers who are pally with this business type.

Almost all types of gambling are highly regulated. Licensing a turnkey online casino business, it is one of the critical points of creating any gambling enterprise.

In case of gambling activity, online payments providers are especially attentive, to be sure that activity is legal and to make the process secure.

Solution for e-commerce trading

Online trading is an important step for business development. Considering that all payment providers have their own requirement, they also need to comply with regulatory standards. What means, that initially is important to incorporate a company that potentially will suit all the requirements.

In case of company formation for potential onboarding we will take into account as your wishes as  payment provider requirements.

It’s important to find a proven payment provider partner, to be sure that as yours as your client funds will be transferred fast and safely.

Please, keep in mind that many providers will ask about activity at the place of registration.

Solution for Forex business

Trading in the Forex market means having access to large cash flows. With proper risk management, it’s possible to make deserving profits.

When choosing a jurisdiction, you can consider both — classical, generally accepted options, and European jurisdictions, depending on the request.

Thinking for the future, it is important to think about financial flow from the client to the final broker, taking into account the potential options for opening an account.

Licensing is a kind of broker's guarantee as for the clients as also for banks and payment solution providers.

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