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CFA Intelligence success lies in its key advantage – an individual approach to each client. Taking into account all client needs and requests, paired with an intimate familiarity with industry nuances, allows CFA to develop solutions that target specific client requirements.


What to look for when choosing a jurisdiction

When choosing a suitable jurisdiction, it is worth considering each specific situation: the type of activity of the company, it’s legal form, the purpose of the owner, desire of participants to become residents, and much more:

The size of the authorized capital upon registration of the company

Corporate tax rate and special conditions for distribution of profits

Double taxation treaty with your country

Conditions for residents and non-residents

Taxation for individuals


Required documents

Firstly, we will ask for a detailed description of business activity, to find a quality solution that suits all your needs. It is necessary to understand business localization, planned turnovers, residency of partners. Especially if it's a bank account opening request. In case of company incorporation we will ask for the standard KYC documents package – passport/ID copy, CV, bank reference letter, document that proves your address.

We draw your attention to the fact that depending on jurisdiction, bank and in general from the request documents package could be changed.


Is it necessary to open a bank account in the country where the company is registered?

There is usually no such requirement in the legislation of the country of registration. Bank account opening in the country of registration is necessary in case if your activity requires it.


Will personal presence be necessary for company incorporation or bank account opening?

For company registration usually it’s not required. All the banks have their own identification procedure, it could be as video conference call as personal visit. However, it is possible to find a solution with remote opening.


How to choose the name of the company?

The name of the company should not contain incitements to violence, plagiarism, graphic symbols. We advise you to pay attention to the fact that depending on the form of registration of a legal entity, at the end of the name there will be abbreviations indicating the jurisdiction or form of registration – Ltd, LP, AG, GmbH, etc.


Is it necessary to pay share capital?

Paid-up capital is the amount of money a company has been paid from shareholders in exchange for shares of its stock. Amount of share capital depends on jurisdiction. In many jurisdictions it is possible to register a legal entity with 1$ capital.


What to do if the company is no longer needed?

In that case, the best way is official company liquidation, to be sure that all business relationships are closed and financial reports done.


What's the difference between a bank and a payment platform?

The main differences are in the license. Payment platforms do not offer lending services, investment and letters of credit, but they are more flexible in business types they can accept, usually offer only current accounts and processing services, with possibility to get personal IBAN.


How to proof the physical presence of the company at the place of registration (substance)?

Not to get the status of a shell company, companies need to prove their presence in the country of registration. To show a substance companies need next:

Real office in a country of registration

Employees with a salaries

Local web-page and a telephone line


What’s the difference between onshore and offshore companies?

Offshore companies are registered in countries with low tax rates, or/and where legislation is allowed not to pay profit tax.

Onshore companies are registered in jurisdiction that usually are not offering special tax benefits. Typically conduct most business activity in a country of registration.

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