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CFA experts will answer any questions you may have regarding the registration of a new company, assisting you in selecting the flexible jurisdiction for each specific business activity. CFA offers registration of companies in classical law tax jurisdictions in Europe and elsewhere.



As a one of the leaders of the financial area, UK offers so many ways to create a legal entity. Limited company, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership. At least one can suit your business needs. In addition, the attractive fact is that the Government offers many possibilities for financial institutions, which means that it is possible to find payment solutions.

LP 0% tax

LLP 0%, if company is non-resident

LTD 20% VAT, with VAT number 0% in EU



One of the most known jurisdictions for company registration abroad. Friendly business area evolved over the years. Today it allows you to carry out all business processes from registering a company to obtaining a license quickly and comfortably. VAT registrations, substance and banking possibilities — tools that allow doing international business for many years.

Profit tax 12.5%

VAT 19%, with VAT number 0% in EU

Pally banking

Licensing solutions


For the last 20 years Ireland has been known as a “European Silicon Valley”, but IT advantages are not the only edge of the jurisdiction. One of lowest profit tax rates in European Union could be the reason for making not only IT businesses, but also trading, shipping or marketing, almost any business direction. Also, the possibility to incorporate different types of legal entity — Partnership or Limited company can provide an opportunity for profitable tax optimization.

VAT 21%, with VAT number 0% in EU

Profit tax 12.5%

LP 0% tax



Maltese positive political reputation and unique tax systems attract business executives from all over the world. System that allows to pay only 5% of profit tax, in case of dividend payout for foreign founders. Given the fact, that standard rate is 35%.
For the last few years Malta is also often mentioned as a pally country for crypto, gambling and investment solutions. On a government level, everything was done to achieve the merger of financial, corporate and tax modern solutions.

VAT 18%, with VAT number 0% in EU

Profit tax 12.5%, in case of non resident founder 5%



Estonia is known for the friendly attitude to business and developed digital infrastructure. Almost all business processes can be monitored online — register a company, submit reports, ask questions to government authorities, etc. Also attracts reasonable prices for corporate services. Additional bonus is the opportunity to obtain a cryptocurrency license.

VAT 20%, with VAT number 0% in EU

Profit tax 20%, if If the company distributes profits

Crypto friendly

Licensing solutions


In Latvia, as in Estonia there is no tax on undistributed profit. Income tax is paid only when the company has decided to distribute dividends to its owners. Latvian government offers an interesting option for Temporary Residence Permit as a STARTUP VISA, which could be a great opportunity to develop your unique project in European Union.

VAT 21%, with VAT number 0% in EU

Profit tax 20%, if If the company distributes profits

Transport logistic adopted



Lithuanian tax system is interesting because of the possibility to pay only 5% of tax, in case a company has less than 10 employees and income is no more than € 300 thousand per year. And also have about 56 Double Tax Treaties agreements, including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

VAT 21%, with VAT number 0% in EU

Profit tax from 5% to 20%

Double Tax Treaties agreements with almost 50 countries



One of the most suitable solutions for trading with European Union, Hungary is the last jurisdiction in the EU, which gives VAT tax number automatically with legal entity incorporation. Also, the known fact is that Hungary is one of the leaders in “EU low profit tax rating”, rate — only 9%.

VAT 27%, with VAT number 0% in EU

Automatic VAT registration

Profit tax 9%



One of the most prestigious jurisdictions, depending on the canton, can be an excellent solution for a variety of corporate requests. For example, an AG structure can resolve the issue of confidentiality, since this is one of the few forms in Europe that allows you to keep the register of shareholders closed.

Possibility to pay only 11% from profit

Closed Shareholder Register

Developed Banking


Hong Kong

The territorial tax regime in Hong Kong allows tax only income received in the territory of the jurisdiction. Moreover, based on jurisdiction tax law VAT is not applicable at all. Taking into account inexpensive company maintenance Hong Kong definitely is one of the best jurisdictions to access Asian markets.

VAT 0%, not applicable at all

Profit tax 16.5%, for inland income



One more interesting Asian solution — Singapore. There is no capital gain tax in Singapore as such, by definition. This jurisdiction is not black listed in European or any other banks, which increases the chances of bank account opening. Here also works “Territorial Tax Regime”, if a company does not make a profit on the territory there are no obligations to pay profit tax. Singapore only seems distant, in fact, all business processes are fast enough and easily transferred online.

Profit tax 17%, for inland profit

No Capital Gain Tax

No VAT, only GST 7%, only for goods import



The difference in law in the United States allows you as a resident company incorporation as a possibility to use all the advantages and benefits of tax planning. For example in Delaware state the most convenient registration option is LLC legal form, which allows you legally avoid paying federal taxes. As in Nevada it is necessary to file an annual return only if profits are distributed among US residents.



In the United Arab Emirates, there are 3 possibilities to register a company — a local limited liability company (“LLC”). Local companies that can operate in any region of the UAE.

Very popular and known - Free Trade Zone (“FTZ”). Onshore companies whose activities are limited into the free economic zone in which they are registered. Such firms can be 100% owned by foreign citizens, conduct international activities, rent offices located in the FTZ, apply for a certain number of resident visas (depending on the working area), etc. These types of companies provide an opportunity to operate within the selected zone, as well as internationally.

International business company (“IBC”) — Offshore companies that, receive a legal address in the FTZ, cannot conduct their activities even within its boundaries, as in all territories of the United Arab Emirates.



The demand for this jurisdiction is growing from year to year. In Canada taxes are high, but if you choose the correct form of registration, then you can use all the priorities of a developed economy and a reduced taxation. When registering a partnership, taxation can be completely avoided if the company is not managed in Canada.


Costa Rica

In accordance with the tax law of Costa Rica, income (dividends and interest) from sources located outside the country is not taxed (regardless of the place where the transaction was made). As a result, income earned by an enterprise located in Costa Rica is completely tax-free. The tax is levied only on income derived from local sources only. Regardless of the place of business, the company is obliged to submit an annual report to the tax authorities, but indicate only the activities that were conducted in the territory of Costa Rica.



Curacao is considered as a developed financial center. It's not a secret that the main industries in the economy are: gambling, financial services, tourism. The government have created comfortable conditions for doing international business and have a positive attitude to foreign investors. If you receive income outside the country, then it is not taxed. Of course, the most popular solution of this jurisdiction is the "Company + Gambling License", which allows you to conduct gambling activities around the world.

Licensing solutions


At the beginning of the 2019 year in some Caribbean countries were amendments made to the law on “International Business Companies Act”. Which obliges companies to prove their presence at the place of registration. Even with the changes, Belize is still attractive, as the income tax is only 3%, on a taxable income up to $ 1.5 million, and 1.75% under this amount.



Seychelles is famous not only for being a popular tourist destination, but also for simplified business leading. This jurisdiction meets the following requirements — zero taxation, low costs for the purchase and renewal of the company, suitable for various types of activities.


St. Vincent and Grenadines

Jurisdiction in which financial business activities does not require licensing. As in Belize, since 2019 changes in IBC law, all the companies required for physical business presence and all income received by the company are taxed.



This jurisdiction is very beneficial for business owners in the finance area. Since investment and financial activities are regulated in most jurisdictions, with the exception of a few, a Vanuatu-licensed company has a great advantage over other companies because it has more trust among clients and business representatives.

Licensing solutions

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